Nikola Richter

Editor / Publisher, Germany


Nikola Richter, 1976 in Bremen, is living in Berlin since 1999. She is the deputy editor-in-chief at the magazine KULTURAUSTAUSCH, published by the German Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa). In 2013, she founded the publishing house mikrotext, focussing on new narratives and texts with attitude. For her work as a publisher she was awarded the Young Excellence Award of the German Booksellers' and Publishers' Association in 2014 and was given the label "Berlin's Best" by Creative City Berlin in 2016. She is a founding member of n-ost and has been an elected member of its board from 2009-2010.

English, Spanish, French, Hungarian (basic knowledge), Polish (basic knowledge)
Country expertise
Poland, Hungary
Print, Online, Presentation, Project Management
Topic expertise
Society, Migration & Integration, History & Memory, Culture


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