Mirko Schwanitz

freelancer, Germany

Mirko Schwanitz, born 1963 in Halle, studies journalism in Leipzig, worked as editor for foreign policies in different newspapers, between 1991 - 1994 editor and presenter of a sunday-broadcast-magazin about eastern europe in Germanys first privat newsradio, reporter for women-magazins like "woman" and "marie claire", since 1992 also freelancer for public radiostations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and also BBC. From 1994 - 2001 deputy managing editor by Springer Publishing House. Since 2001 editor in chief of international correspondence - media network, currently he reported from South-East Europe and sometimes from Ukraine, Russia and south caucasus region. He is engaged as volunteer for the civil society in Eastern Europe, Head of the german "Society for promotion of Bulgarian Orphanages" and consultant for different NGOs in eastern europe. He works in a mentoring program which qualifies successfully young radio journalists, also in eastern europe

german, russian, bulgarian, english
Country expertise
Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova / Transnistria, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine
Print, Radio, Online, Presentation, Training, Project Management
Topic expertise
Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, European Integration , Tourism, Human rights & Equality, Democracy & Civil Society, Social policy & Labor, Religion, Culture


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